Fetching Finds Facelift

FETCHING FINDS is now FETCHING FINDS DESIGNS! We are super excited about unveiling our new identity and online store. 

Online shopping is taking over. From Ebay to Amazon to Etsy, everyone is jumping on the online shopping train. Speaking of Etsy, Fetching Finds Designs has a new Etsy shop. There is some really cute stuff in the store today! You should really go check it out. I am sure you’ll “Find Something Fetching”! ImageImage Image


Open For Business

Ladies and Gents, we are now open at the Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors in Alpharetta, GA! I am so excited! The booth has tons of cute stuff available, including some of Tristan’s Upcycled Downriver stuff. Come see the booth located on South Battery Street INSIDE the Queen of Hearts. If you aren’t familiar with how the store works, each aisle is a street name. Example: Calhoun, East Bay, Queen, Bull and mine South Battery Street. The Queen opens at 10 AM everyday except Sunday when they open at 12 PM. Stop by! We’d love to see you!

A Day In the Life: Fetching Finds

A few weeks ago I gave you a sneak peek into the photos my good friend David from David Anthony Photography took of my pieces. I finally have all the photos! Are you ready to see them? I know you are.


I just adore this little side table. I love all the lines and curves. I love the handles on the drawer. But, I especially love the color of this piece. I always use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and my favorite color in her collection is Duck Egg Blue. I have quite a few things for sale in the booth in that color.


This piece has to be my favorite. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this piece along with a ton of people begging me to go ahead and sell it. But, I have to wait until the booth opens. I have a feeling it’ll be a goner in no time.


This yellow side table was picked up for my by a friend of mine, Tyler Lynch. Tyler has a booth at the Marietta Queen of Hearts. His style and taste is one of a kind and I am thankful he found this piece for me. Ain’t it just darling?


Don’t you just love this red dresser? I think it would look great in any bedroom.  Again, I love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I think the Emperor’s Silk is my second favorite color.


I even painted a small nightstand to match the red dresser. I think they make a great match.


Well, that’s all, y’all! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do. Come visit Fetching Finds at the Queen of Hearts Antiques and Interiors in Alpharetta, GA. And, if you haven’t already, follow Fetching Finds on Twitter {@fetchingfinds} and like us on Facebook {www.facebook.com/fetchingfinds}

Thanks again to David Anthony Photography for taking these photos, making my stuff look amazing and for just having a blast with me!

Thanks for stopping by!